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    Metaphor Eau De Parfum

    Metaphor is the courage to fight prejudice, hatred, and discrimination. Metaphor is the new age of acceptance, inclusion, and equality. Metaphor is unity.
    One world. One colour. One fragrance.


    • JASS Morning
      JASS Morning

      Mornings are new beginnings – a chance to start over. Find yourself in the stillness of dawn, in the dew drenched grass, and in the golden glow of the sun. Fill your lungs with butterflies and carry magic in your hands. With happiness in your heart, and hope in your soul, embrace the day and begin again. Your life is your treasure. Breathe. Love. Live. Go, be your own Sunshine!

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    • JASS Beautiful
      JASS Beautiful

      You believe that life is a series of a million miracles. You live a lifetime in every breath. You never stop believing in magic. You make strong look invincible. You wear your scars with pride. You are a survivor. You are a fighter. You are a believer. You are a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend. You are a woman. You are Beautiful.

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    • JASS Forever
      JASS Forever

      In this illusive world of chaotic rubble, find that moment of stillness when your soul whispers to you the infinitely precious secrets from deep within. In the silence that surrounds you, you find magic. In the calmness, you find the life force which shines like diamonds in your eyes. In that moment of serenity, you find the extraordinary fire that stirs your soul. It is the only absolute inherent truth. The beauty within your soul is eternal. Seek yours Forever.

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