Discover India Studios

DIScover is a Co-Creative platform that was launched to bring artists, designers, models, photographers, film-makers, businesses and brands together. A One-Stop Solution for anyone who is looking for new age “business and brand building tools”.

The first project, DIScover India Studios was launched in Chennai, India. It will serve as a connecting platform for models, bloggers, influencers, photographers, filmmakers and other artists from within and outside of India. The idea is to make the flow of ideas and concepts easier and practical between clients and the talent.

DIScover will be collaborating with the Australian Super Model of the Year and various other talent agencies in Australia, Bali, India and Europe to ensure we deliver on our promise of New Age Business and Branding Solutions.

We are looking at launching DIScover in other countries and cities in order to create a network that can truly be global in nature.